The Client Experience

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You probably have questions, what, where's and what ifs. Hopefully this page can clear up those questions and give you a little more insight into what to expect from your photo shoot.

Once you've checked with your furry friends and they've given you the "Go Ahead" fill out the contact form, email or phone to set up your no obligation appointment. At this initial appointment we will discuss your pet's personality, quirky behaviours and the location style that you prefer. This will help guide me in what you might like in the session which we create for you. Also at this stage, my previous work will be available for you to view, presuming you like what you see and choose to go ahead with your fur-babies photo shoot we will then lock in your preferred date and get things rolling.

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My dog can't be off their lead

Don't worry, they don't need to be.

* Before editing

This is the fun bit! We will meet at our pre-determined location for an hour or more of fun with your pet. My skill is in capturing the uniqueness of my furry clients, so along with your beautiful heart warming images, I also dedicate time to show their special features. If they have the biggest honey coloured eyes, a tongue that is a mile long or the goofiest of running styles, let's feature it! We will work together to bring out the very best of your pupstar's personality and to create stunning images to cherish furever.

After your session your beautiful slideshow will be ready to view in one to two weeks, this is the exciting bit! You'll probably have quite a few laughs and maybe a tear or two. It's amazing the expressions I will capture, from the look of pure concentration when Fido is chasing down that ball, to the look of love in an old dog's eyes. This is the time that you see how much your baby cherishes you, or you laugh at the memory of his crazy jump for that ball. These are the memories that we want to see every day when we come home, the memories that last "our" life time and make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.